EPRA sBPR Guidelines provide a consistent way of measuring sustainability performance in the same way that BPR for financial reporting have made the financial statements of listed real estate companies in Europe clearer and more comparable. First published in 2011, the third version of the guidelines released in September 2017, is largely based on the latest Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (GRI Standard) and covers environmental, social and corporate governance impact categories. 

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In this special webinar, Hassan Sabir, Finance & Sustainability Director at EPRA, and Tom Branczik, Associate - Upstream Sustainability Services at JLL guide you through ESG reporting, its benefits and the EPRA standard for ESG public disclosure.

Q&A document

This document is intended to provide additional information on the Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations (sBPR) Guidelines. It includes questions submitted by EPRA-member property company consultants and reporting teams and the answers provided by the EPRA Sustainability department and its external consultants. Hence this guidance should be considered as a ‘live’ document, to which regular updates will be made as each topic develops. The Q&A is intended to facilitate the wider use of the sBPR but is not formally part of the sBPR Guidelines.


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Enhancing transparency with the TCFD

In partnership with JLL, EPRA created this guide to identify best practices when implementing the TCFD recommendations. The examples are drawn from EPRA membership to cover different jurisdictions and variety of asset classes, across the four core elements of governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics & targets.  Furthermore, the document provides detailed guidance for property companies already using the sBPR on how Performance Measures and Overarching Recommendations can support the climate-related reporting in line with the TCFD.

You will find in this guide the answers to:

  • What does good practice on TCFD disclosure look like?
  • Which company reports can look at?
  • How can my company use its existing sBPR disclosure to communicate climate-related risks and opportunities?
  • What are the best EPRA performance measures for this purpose?


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Infographic: EPRA sBPR Database 2019

Infographic: Sustainability reporting for listed real estate companies

EPRA GRESB gap analysis

Navigating through sustainability reporting standards

sBPR Guidelines v2 and v3 comparison

sBPR Guidelines v2 (2014)