Financial reporting

This section is dedicated to EPRA's Best Practices Recommendations (BPR) for financial reporting of the listed property companies. 

The EPRA BPR lie at the heart of EPRA’s mission to improve transparency, comparability and relevance of financial reporting in the real estate industry. Following extensive discussions with the investment community and property companies, the decision was taken to focus the EPRA BPR on those areas of reporting that are of most relevance to investors and where more consistent reporting across Europe would bring the greatest benefits in the overall transparency of the sector. Through this collaboration, an initiative that started in 2001 has now become the 'gold standard' when it comes to the real estate sector's financial reporting.

EPRA aims to keep the BPR guidelines up to date and relevant to all groups involved. Also, through the annual EPRA BPR awards, the Association recognises the property companies that have successfully adopted the EPRA BPR in their latest annual reports.

The following categories include EPRA's main activities with regard to the financial reporting of property companies.