Real estate plays a critical role in all aspects of our everyday lives. Property companies serve businesses and the society by actively developing, managing, maintaining and improving the built environment; where we all live, work, shop and relax. They also play a crucial part in providing retirement security to millions of people, by offering pension funds stable and highly competitive assets to invest in. 

Listed real estate companies are the guardians of many of the highest quality assets in our cities from office complexes, to shopping centres and increasingly healthcare and retirement facilities. Public companies are also the pioneers of sustainability in the built environment to meet their responsibilities towards local communities and the demands of shareholders for the “future proofing” of their investments in the face of the global challenge presented by climate change.

As societies struggle to provide for their rapidly greying populations during a time of record low interest rates and lacklustre investment returns, the listed real estate sector has become increasingly important over the last few years, as the demand for solid long-term income producing investments is stronger than ever.

EPRA, the European Public Real Estate Association, is the voice of Europe's listed real estate – stock exchange quoted property companies, investors and their suppliers. For almost two decades now, as our industry’s voice in Europe EPRA has been committed to building on its successes and working with our members to enhance the future of the European listed real estate sector.