At EPRA we believe in dialogue and strong collaboration with peer associations and other EU stakeholders. We have been continuously building close ties with the bodies and organisations with whom we share common interests.


The European Real Estate Forum is an informal alliance of national and international organisations with an interest in institutional investment in European real estate, including investors, fund and asset managers, property professionals and property companies. The group was established to improve coordination on a European level in a spirit of open dialogue and exchange. Its objective is to improve the public awareness about institutional investment in real estate and increase understanding of its social and economic value as well as to support the policy making process affecting institutional real estate investment in Europe by improving knowledge and understanding of the sector.

The URBAN Intergroup at the European Parliament is a cross-parties and cross-committees grouping with a horizontal approach to discuss urban related issues. It brings together 89 Members of the European Parliament representing most EU Member States, all the political groups at the European Parliament, and working in all the parliamentary committees. EPRA is a proud partner of the URBAN Intergroup and shares its main objectives, which you can find on their website.

The European Parliament Long Term Investment Intergroup aims to provide the European Parliament with an efficient horizontal tool supporting the activities of the relevant committees. Its missions include in particular defining long-term financing needs, identifying bottlenecks and barriers that constitute obstacles for long term investments, discussing and identifying a regulatory framework more conducive to long term investors, thinking about a way to diversify funding instruments, promoting cooperation among financial institutions and policy makers, sharing best practices and monitoring EU policies. EPRA is a proud partner of the Long Term Investment Intergroup and shares its main objectives which you can find on the website.

Established in 1962, Business at OECD (BIAC) is the officially recognized institutional business stakeholder at the OECD. We stand for policies that enable businesses of all sizes to contribute to economic growth, sustainable development, and societal prosperity. Through Business at OECD, national business and employers’ federations representing over 10 million companies provide perspectives to cutting-edge OECD policy debates that shape market-based economies and impact global governance. Our expertise is enriched by the contributions of a wide range of international sector organizations.

European Retirement Week, taking place annually in the last week of November, provides a platform for a wide range of stakeholders to debate the future of pensions in Europe and raise citizens' awareness of the need to save for retirement and achieve pension adequacy.

In 2023, in its third iteration, European Retirement Week kicked off with an event on 27 November in Brussels, where the 14 European associations presented key recommendations to EU policymakers to ensure pension adequacy for all.