Investor outreach

EPRA plays an active role in the international expansion of the European listed real estate sector. The outreach activities communicate the significant benefits of European listed real estate investment – income, capital appreciation, strong long-term performance, diversification and inflation protection.

EPRA has developed an investor outreach programme to inform and educate institutional investors, their consultants and the public about the many positive attributes of publicly listed real estate in Europe with the goal of forging long-term relationships.  

The objective of EPRA investor outreach is to promote the European listed real estate asset class and empower investors to make more informed decisions about the appropriate allocation of European listed real estate companies alongside other asset classes and within a real estate allocation.

The purpose of the EPRA investor outreach programme is to disseminate the powerful European listed real estate message and to give EPRA members feedback on what resonates with investors.


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Our activities

The investor outreach programme is conducted primarily through targeted meetings that EPRA’s Investor outreach team schedules with investment professionals and particularly asset owners, asset managers and their consultants. With a dedicated team in our offices in Brussels and London, we serve both the listed real estate sector as well as the wider investment community on a global scale. EPRA also participates in appropriate investment conferences, relevant industry events and other educational forums on behalf of the sector. Recent opportunities include regional property summits, seminar presentations and one-on-one investor meetings.

Further to this, EPRA organises events across Europe, the U.S. and Asia to showcase the benefits of the listed real estate sector and the companies that form its membership.

These activities are, where necessary, organised in partnership with relevant organisations.

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Our events

Corporate Access:

Facilitates the discussion between EPRA member listed real estate companies and investors, both EPRA members and the wider investment community, in one-on-one and group sessions. The event’s purpose is to enable greater sector knowledge and promote underlying investment. Offered twice a year in summer and winter, and usually in London at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge. Typically there are twenty companies carefully selected from a range of sectors, countries, and size to enable a broad representation of the EPRA membership. Free to attend for EPRA company members and investors.

Growth Corporate Access:

Similar in format to EPRA Corporate Access. At present offered once a year virtually. Ten European listed real estate companies that are primed for growth and often operate below the radar of many sector analysts. Free to attend for EPRA company members and investors.

Asia Week:

Facilitate discussion between EPRA member companies and Asian investors in one-on-one and small closed-door seminars. The event’s purpose is to enable interaction between European listed real estate companies and Asian investors and, ultimately, for Asian real estate investors to better understand the European listed real estate investment opportunity. Twice a year, in June and December, five companies are carefully selected from a range of sectors, countries, and size to enable a broad representation of the EPRA membership. The event usually takes place in person and covers the six Asian investment hubs of Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Insight Series:

Short and informal gatherings to set the scene for the year ahead. Usually in person in Brussels, London, Paris and virtually for Germany. The panels consist of an equity analyst, portfolio manager, and four company CEO’s from the respective location. The events are well-attended by the real estate community and, depending on the location, attract up to 400 participants.

Real Estate Digest:

Short and informal gatherings, lasting up to two hours (when in person), focused on a given real estate theme. An equity analyst or portfolio manager introduces the topic, followed by 3 companies that briefly present and then participate in a panel discussion. The event's purpose is to deepen the understanding of a given real estate sector or subject.

Investors Day:

Takes place on the third day of EPRA’s Annual Conference, usually in September. At least thirty EPRA company members, organised thematically, present a thirty-minute update of their business, with ten analysts introducing several companies and managing the Q&A sessions. The companies represent a diverse range of geographies and sectors, while the real estate analysts are some of the most highly rated in Europe.  Free to attend for EPRA company members and investors.

Please find all EPRA’s events here.



The European investor outreach programme ensures the increased visibility of the European listed real estate sector. This is undertaken by regular direct meetings with investors across key European cities, participating in investment conferences and hosting events that promote and represent the sector.

There are key events that EPRA investor outreach hosts throughout the year. Most notably there are corporate access events, matching equity investors and EPRA listed real estate company members, each taking place in the summer and winter; there are Real Estate Digest (RED) events that highlight key real estate themes through a panel session and discussion with company CEOs and investors; and, there are Insight events at the beginning of each year across major European countries that gather local investors and company participants for an outlook on the real estate year ahead.


The Asia investor outreach programme’s main objective is to provide a channel of access and communication between the European listed real estate and key investors in the Asia Pacific. The focus of investor outreach is predominantly Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

EPRA member company non-deal roadshows (EPRA Asia Week) are organised semi-annually to meet dedicated local investors within the asset class.

Communication with key investors, including SWFs, pension funds, insurers, fund managers, banks, property companies and HNWIs is mainly undertaken through direct meetings. Attending and speaking at local real estate conferences and educational events are considered another channel to best showcase European listed real estate within the local investment community.


In the U.S., the investor outreach programme is, for the most part, undertaken alongside the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (Nareit®). Nareit is the worldwide representative voice for Real Estate Investment Trusts and publicly traded real estate companies with an interest in U.S. real estate and capital markets.

EPRA is fortunate to be able to work alongside Nareit when visiting investors in the U.S. and benefits from the strength and depth of the relationships that have been built since the association was founded in 1960.

We also regularly undertake investor outreach roadshows using our own extensive network of contacts.


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