EPRA BPR Dataset

The EPRA BPR database is gathering all our members’ alternative performance measures, also known as EPRA BPRs, over the years.   It covers more than 170 European Listed Property Companies in the Real Estate industry. This database aims to deliver the most transparent and actual information period by period against the members’ published annual reports from fiscal years 2011 – 2020. For that reason, the database only incorporates the historical numbers sourced from the members’ published annual reports. Thus, it did not capture the restated numbers, corporate actions numbers, or any adjustments that might have occurred after the annual reports’ publication. (For historic Corporate Action information please visit https://www.epra.com/indexes/corporate-actions for an historic excel list of all Corporate Actions relating to the index series). For further details on the database’s scope, usage steps and parameters, the users are advised to read the EPRA BPR Guidelines before proceeding to the database.“