BPR Awards

The annual EPRA BPR Awards aim to recognise and commend upon the efforts of property companies that have successful adopted the EPRA BPR Guidelines.

Based on the assessment performed by Deloitte, EPRA's independent external partner, the surveyed companies are awarded either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award. EPRA has recently introduced one more category of Awards - the 'Most Improved Annual Report' - in order to single out the exceptional performance of certain property companies that adopt the EPRA BPR for the first time.

2020 EPRA BPR Awards report

Award methodology

This report allows you to gain an insight on how Deloitte assesses companies which adopt the EPRA BPR according to the respective guidelines.

This document sets out the Ground Rules for the construction and methodology used for deciding EPRA Best Practices Recommendations (BPR) Award winners. The purpose of this methodology is to promote awareness of EPRA’s BPR and to encourage companies to recognise and promote consistency and transparency in financial reporting. These standards provide visibility and comparability to industry stakeholders in addition to being highly appreciated by the investment community. 

EPRA BPR Awards methodology

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