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Gain quick and easy access to all publications relevant to EPRA's evolving sustainability work, including reports, surveys, presentations, videos and infographics.

EPRA Sustainability Library Videos
Report from the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM), including EPRA's contribution, which covers the science-based decarbonising of the EU commercial real estate sector.
Watch the highlight video from our 2018 Sustainability Workshop and hear all the insights from our speakers and panellists on future challenges and opportunities for the listed real estate sector.
Why are we so reluctant to act on climate change, despite the accelerating warning signs that urgent action is needed? Watch the presentation with Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science at UCL, to find out why.
Take a look at the full presentation by Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science at UCL, from our 2018 Sustainability Workshop, on the reluctance to address climate change and what listed real estate companies can do to lead the change.
Navigate through the GRESB Real Estate Assessment and MSCI ESG rating and the future developments of these benchmarking initiatives.
Discover the main pillars of a sustainability strategy, the main benefits of adopting sustainability practices and the close-up on ESG disclosures and reporting.
Discover the scope and coverage of the EPRA sBPR Database, the first platform entirely dedicated to publicly dislosed ESG information of European listed real estate companies.
Participants of the Sustainability Workshop discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives in listed real estate and across other industries, from gender balance to talent retainment.
The European listed real estate industry is improving the gender diversity of its management teams with women making up 28% of company board memberships in 2017. Discover the infographic on EPRA’s latest diversity research.
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