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There are four categories of membership: Full, Associate, Academic and BPR Licence. You can access the terms and conditions of each membership via the application form button.

EPRA membership allows anyone in the company full access to our data and analytics, high-level conferences and related networking opportunities. You can read more generally about our initiatives in the latest Industry Newsletter.

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Join EPRA today and become an active member of the European listed real estate community. 


Tailoring indexes data & research to your needs

Being an EPRA member gives you access to a range of data tools, which can be personalised to your needs (geography, time-frame, metrics etc.). Other member reports, accessible after log-in, include Corporate Actions, monthly Statistical Bulletin, LTV Monitor, NAV Bulletin and Markets Review reports as well as quarterly Index Reviews and Total Markets Table. The EPRA Research Digest collects all the latest academic adn market research on the sector.

 Shaping together the agenda & promoting best practices

EPRA members are active in committees, which drive a range of our activities. These include the formulation of accounting metrics and sustainability report requirements, which give the European listed real estate sector greater transparency and consistency. As a member property company, you are annually evaluated for the financial and sustainability Best Practices Recommendations Awards. These standards provide visibility and comparability to industry stakeholders in addition to being highly appreciated by the investment community. Other EPRA committees guide quarterly Index reviews, investor relations,  public affairs as well as research into the sector.

Advocating & developing a performing industry

Through the active involvement in the public and political debate, provision of better information to investors and stakeholders, improvement of the general operating environment and promotion of cohesion we work to encourage better regulation and greater investment in listed real estate companies in Europe.

Empowering investors & forging long-term relationships

EPRA has developed an investor outreach programme to inform and educate institutional investors, their consultants and the public about the many positive attributes of publicly listed real estate in Europe. The programme is conducted primarily through targeted meetings that the dedicated team in Brussels, London and Hong Kong schedules with investment professionals and particularly asset owners, asset managers and their consultants. Further to this, EPRA organises events across Europe and Asia to showcase the benefits of the listed real estate sector and the companies that form its membership.

Providing access to exclusive events & creating opportunities

The 19th edition of our Conference, the flagship event of the European listed real estate industry restricted to EPRA members, will be held in Berlin on 4-6 September 2018. We also organise other events such as the EPRA Insight as well as seminars to facilitate connection between companies and investors. Our industry calendar gives you a quick overview of all the events, road-shows and financial reporting planned for the future and helps you organise yours accordingly. It also provides investors with detailed company performance data.

If you choose to join EPRA you and the team will be enjoying all the benefits mentioned above within a few days and be an active member of the European listed real estate community. You can do so in one click by filling-in the online EPRA membership form. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on