Diversity & Inclusion Programme

Diversity at Board level can directly enhance your company's performance. This is no myth, but a solid fundamental with which you can grow your business. We believe that the listed real estate sector - as has been the case in so many other areas of collective innovation - should take a lead in providing a diversity and inclusion boost.

We are developing an industry-wide initiative to encourage exchange of best practice, promote diversity at management and executive level, grow the number of people from all backgrounds in the talent pipeline and increase the visibility of diverse leaders in the real estate sector.

As part of our latest effort to foster diversity and inclusiveness in the listed real estate sector, EPRA will launch in January 2023 a Mentoring Programme to support and empower people in their careers, help them develop their skills and increase leadership succession.

The programme is addressed to all senior level candidates, within the EPRA membership, who wish to further their career objectives, overcome barriers and increase self-confidence in their workplace. In addition, female or male professionals from C-suite level and management teams from companies member of EPRA can apply to become mentors. 

The application process is open now and will last until late November. You can find more information about the programme here and register by filling in the online application form here. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at diversity@epra.com

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