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Back on the road again

It has been a long time coming and we are now back on the road taking in-person meetings and organising outreach schedules across Europe and beyond. Despite the less than positive market backdrop, there is a definite increase in interest to meet across the whole of the investor community.

Our sense is that meetings are being taken by investors to understand what is happening in the listed real estate sector specifically and also the implications for the real estate sector as a whole going forward. We know from past EPRA academic research that listed real estate is an indicator of the general direction within the real estate market rather than an absolute reference point to changes in the underlying real estate it invests in. What we also talk about, more than we did in the past, is the opportunity that share price volatility can bring to a long-term investor’s real estate portfolio.

We have also organised outreach schedules across European cities including London, Paris and Edinburgh to name but three. This outreach extends beyond the EPRA membership and incorporates pension schemes, asset managers and private wealth managers among other investors.

While there is commonality of interest in the macro-economic themes among investors, there are significant differences in how they express their in-house conclusions. Pension schemes react conservatively, and we may see investment in real estate moderate as its overall allocation becomes overweight alongside the fall in equity and bond portfolio values. Asset managers are able to react in the short-term, where they have access to capital, and private wealth managers are often willing to take the quickest decisions if only because the size of their individual discretionary mandates are smaller. 

The EPRA IO team is now in the fortunate position of meeting investors in-person again and can look forward to representing the sector through its research, reporting and market intelligence.                    


EPRA myth buster podcast series – a platform to debunk listed real estate myths

The EPRA Investor Outreach and Communications teams are grateful to have been able to partner with two distinguished specialists to launch the initiative to date. Heitman spoke on the opportunities in Europe, while Duff & Phelps Investment Management provided their take on the benefits associated with listed real estate.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Stay tuned for the next instalment in this series, which is due to be announced in the coming months. If you are interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact us on: io@epra.com

The brand-new Investors’ Day at the EPRA Annual Conference
We were delighted to organise Investors’ Day in Paris on September 8, at the EPRA Annual Conference, bringing a brand new format to present European listed real estate companies and to incorporate investors.

The five themed discussions during the day were: The burning issue (decarbonisation); Europe sans frontières (dross border investment); The green bond evolution (debt & green bonds); Let’s change together (diversity & inclusion); and, What’s driving this ship? (tech & innovation in practice).

EPRA’s investor outreach team would like to thank all attendees and the following participants for making your investors’ day a great success: Aedifica, Allianz Real Estate, CA Immo, CBRE, Citycon, Colonial, Covivio, Carmila, Cromwell European REIT, Eurocommercial Properties, Goldman Sachs, Grainger, Icade, Irish Residential Properties REIT, Klepierre, Kojamo, KPMG, Lar España, LaSalle Securities, Natixis, NSI, PGGM, Shurgard, Swiss Prime Site, Tritax Eurobox.

EPRA Asia week in October 

EPRA will host this year’s second virtual Asia Week on the mornings of 25 - 28 October. We have invited four EPRA company members for this round, who have exposure to UK, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Their sector coverage includes office, self-storage, retail, residential and hotels. There will be some 40 one-on-one meetings organised with investors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo. 

We are pleased to see a further relaxation of travel restrictions in Asian countries, and we will keep a close eye on whether a physical Asia Week will be able to return next year. If you are interested in participating in future editions, please reach out to us at: io@epra.com

EPRA investor relations committee for the coming quarter
The EPRA IR committee last met in person in June and also shared a lunch table at EPRA’s annual conference in Paris. The intention is now to meet in early December in Dublin, where we will organise one-on-one meetings alongside the committee meeting itself. On the day, there will be up to 4 investor meetings per company Head of IR arranged in the morning to be followed by a networking lunch, and then the formal committee meeting.

EPRA’s corporate access returns to London Chelsea Football Club on 8 December

We are pleased to host EPRA’s Corporate Access Day winter edition on December 8, 2022, at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge, London. Management from 21 companies will be presenting. There will be priority given to investors from our membership and we will also invite investors from our wider network to select up to 7 one-on-one and/or group meetings throughout the day. 
If you are one of the participating companies, we kindly ask you to list this event on your financial calendar so that it will have more visibility to investors. If you wish to know more, please contact us at corporateaccess@epra.com or find out further details by clicking on the banner below.
Investor Outreach Team:
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