Webinar - Listed and unlisted real estate in European pension fund portfolios

Time to reveal the results!

Get ready for the unveiling of the results on European pension fund asset allocation, performance, management costs and much more on Thursday, 30 August 2018 at 14.00, UK time

Real estate is a significant element in the portfolios of large European pension funds, with allocations making up as much as 10 percent of the average portfolio.

The purported benefits of the inclusion of real estate in pension fund portfolios are well known; the asset class should provide diversification to the traditional equity/ fixed income blends which continue to provide the backbone of nearly all portfolios.

Where real estate is one diversifying element, hedge funds, private equity and infrastructure are also advertised as being able to provide diversity to portfolios.

How has real estate performed relative to other asset classes?

CEM Benchmarking data offers an unbiased performance comparison as funds report to CEM to compare investment costs, not returns.

8 distinct asset classes analysed by the CEM-EPRA study

over the period 2005 > 2016

covering over EUR 2 trillion in AUM = approximately 36% of European pension assets.

Join us online to find out the conclusions of the study!

August 30, 2018