Research Webinar Series: ''Varying Interest Rate Sensitivity of Different Real Estate Sectors''

11.00- 11.30 AM CET 

We are pleased to host three webinars for the EPRA Research Webinar Series dedicated to research papers under EPRA Academic Research Programme 2023.

The key findings will be presented by the authors of the papers and the implications for listed real estate will be discussed.

Research Paper 3: ''Varying Interest Rate Sensitivity of Different Real Estate Sectors''

Written by: Yu-Cheng (Robbie) Lin and Jufri Marzuki (Western Sydney University)

Summaryof the paper:

This research project is the first to assess quantitative interest rate sensitivity and tactical asset allocation (TAA) strategies of listed real estate (LRE) across sectors and markets/regions in different phases of interest rate cycles. The first theme empirically quantifies the sectors that were rigorously vulnerable to changes in various interest rate proxies across markets/regions. The impacts of US monetary policy and loan-to-value ratio (LTV) on global LRE sub-sectors are particularly highlighted. The findings are insightful for global CRE institutional investors, fund managers and lenders deploying distressed asset investment strategy and debt investment strategy when pitching non-performing assets (NPA) across sectors and markets in the process of stock pitching and due diligence in the recent global rate hike cycle. The second theme acknowledges global buy-side asset managers of tactical portfolio weightings to LRE sub-sectors across rate hike and rate cut cycles, and empirically quantifies the sectors and the markets with portfolio return enhancement capabilities in institutional investors’ multi-asset portfolios in rate hike cycles, benchmarked against shares and bonds across markets/regions. 

Structure of the webinar:

  • Introduction remarks - Dr Dilek Pekdemir, Research Manager at EPRA

  • Research paper presentation - Moderated by Alex Moss (The Bayes Business School) and presented by Yu-Cheng (Robbie) Lin (Western Sydney University)

  • Q&A Session - Answered by Yu-Cheng (Robbie) Lin (Western Sydney University)

We are looking forward to welcoming you online! Further information will be available soon!

26th March

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