EPRA & KPMG - EU Taxonomy Webinar 2022

OCTOBER 13, 2022
Virtual - Zoom

Check the on-demand webinar just below:

We are pleased to introduce the EU Taxonomy webinar. In this webinar, EPRA and KPMG will discuss an initial guideline on how to implement the Regulation (EU) 2020/852, known as the EU Taxonomy. We will cover the below set of questions following extensive engagement with EPRA's membership, such as :

- How do I report on the eligibility of activities?

- How do I report the alignment of activities?

- How can I define the top 15% building stock?

- Which methodology to use for reporting of Turnover, CapEX, OpEX percentages?

Given the importance of sustainability integration for our sector, we will guide you through the EC developed set of delegated acts, on how to perfom the analysis and how to report the information.