EPRA Digest - London Edition

11.30 - 14.00 GMT

Join us for the Hotels & Leisure edition of the EPRA Digest event in London. 

Introduction: Harm Meijer, Managing Director at ICAMAP. 

Companies presenting and participating in a panel discussion: 

  • Pandox, with Anders Nissen - CEO
  • Covivio, with Gael Le Lay - Deputy CEO of Covivio Hotels
  • PPHE, with Daniel Kos - Finance Director

A buffet lunch will be provided after the discussion. 

Interested to attend? Please contact us at io@epra.com.

What is a Digest event?
Our real estate digest events are short and informal gatherings, lasting up to two hours, concentrated around a given listed real estate theme. An equity analyst or portfolio manager is giving a short intro, followed by 3 company CEO/CFOs who briefly present and then participate in a panel discussion. The event's purpose is to match investors and companies while deepening understanding of a given real estate sector or subject. Q&A session is usually opened at the end, followed by networking. EPRA is currently organising several Digest events during the year, usually in the UK and Continental Europe. 


November 27, 2019
Edison offices: 280 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EE