EPRA & Baker Mackenzie Webinar - SFDR : How to green financial markets for real estate ?

November 16, 2022
Virtual - Zoom

Check the on-demand webinar just below:

We are pleased to have organised the webinar on ''SFDR: how to green financial markets for real estate?'', produced in collaboration with Baker McKenzie.

Different policy initiatives emerged in recent years to promote sustainable investments, including the EU’s agenda for sustainable finance. Its goals not only include fostering long-termism and increasing transparency, but also, and most prominently, reorienting capital flows towards a more sustainable economy. The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is one of the major regulations to accomplish this task and impacts investors' capabilities to invest in listed real estate.

Do you have questions about how it functions exactly? Where does the SFDR drive the capital? What constraints are posed to investors in its application and how can listed real estate work with the framework to accomplish the task of reorienting the capital to more sustainable real estate? If these are your questions, then please join us at the webinar.

- Welcome
- Introduction to SFDR & RTS
- Industry discussion about main SFDR & RTS impact on real estate investment
- Q&A session
- Next steps on greenwashing
- Conclusions and thank you