EPRA & Deloitte Belgium Webinar - CSRD : New era of corporate sustainability reporting

October 27, 2022
Virtual - Zoom

Check the on-demand webinar just below:

We are pleased to have organised the webinar on ''CSRD: New era of corporate sustainability reporting'', produced in collaboration with Deloitte Belgium. 

A proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) was published in 2021 by the European Commission. In June 2022, the CSRD was politically agreed by the European Parliament and the European Council and only needs to be formally approved so that it can be then integrated into member states' national laws within 18 months. 

This webinar focuses on the agreed text of CSRD as Deloitte will guide you through the new sustainability reporting requirements and timing for listed property companies. We will also launch an online CSRD assessment tool which has been prepared by EPRA to assist the membership with their own assessment for falling within/outside the CSRD scope. The tool will include assessment of EU subsidiaries of listed propcos from outside the EU jurisdictions (e.g. UK, US). 

- Welcome
- Introduction to CSRD  
- Analysis of the main principles of the CSRD 
- Q&A session 
- Launch of the EPRA CSRD scope assessment tool 
- Next steps & thank you