2 trillion reasons to buy – each solid and transparent...


Assets – top quality buildings & locations.


Yield – sustainable & unbeatable.


Exposure & diversification – ignore it at your peril.

Locked out, kept in the dark, no-one at home! Is this your day-to-day investment experience?

Listed real estate operates under REIT legislation, accounting laws, Stock Exchange rules and reporting requirements and governance guidance. You have open access to track your funds easily.

Over EUR 1 trillion worth of real estate in one number...

FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate index - the world's leading benchmark.



Research, indices & investment

For a decade EPRA has been managing and developing the investment indices which define Europe's listed real estate sector. With this insight, we conduct and support wide-ranging research revealing the true nature of this investment choice. Listed real estate is the most transparent and accountable property asset class, with short-term liquidity and long-term stability. Find out more...

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Regulation & reporting

Consistency and transparency of reporting are principal strengths of listed real estate. EPRA formulates Best Practice for the European sector in reporting and accounting through wide-scale industry engagement. This hands-on relationship affords the Association a more effective voice in its representative activities among European policy-makers. The unique nature of listed real estate requires a strong and active presence in the heart of Brussels. Find out more...



  • infographic.pngGrowth, jobs & sustainability

    An updated report commissioned by EPRA and INREV evaluates the role and importance of commercial real estate in the European economy. By employing 3.7 million peoplea and contributing EUR 329 billion to the EU economy, the real estate sector European growth and investment. 

  • Industry NewsletterEPRA_Mag_cover_54.jpg

    The May 2016 Industry Newsletter provides a catch-up on the issues facing the listed sector, and the activities and efforts of EPRA alongside many leading real estate companies to address them. We look forward to the EPRA conference, profile PSP CEO and EPRA Chairman Luciano Gabriel and an European Investor.  We highlight the moves by Norges into greater listed exposure and of course discuss the referendum in the UK. Get our updates by emailing us at

  • BPR_awards.PNGImproved reporting transparency 

    The Annual Reports of the 92 index constituents were surveyed for EPRA performance metrics in the annual BPR survey. 77% adopted at least one, representing 91% marcap of the Dev Eur index. 38% by marcap disclose all six measures. Since its introduction in December 2014, 34% by market cap have already adopted the new guidance on capex. Five companies received 'Most Improved' awards, showing reporting consistency has deep roots as well.


  • BPR_approved.JPGBPR Adviser tool goes live

    EPRA's new interactive ‘BPR Adviser’ to drive reporting transparency throughout listed RE industry. The online tool makes the adoption of Best Practices Recommendations (BPR) reporting standards simpler, with tailored guidance for members and a searchable archive of auditor answers. This is a one-stop-shop for propcos and their advisers, clarifying how they should account using the industry-accepted reporting standards. Now that the information is at the fingertips of every property CFO, we expect the fullest adoption – it’s an investor-friendly approach few other industries can claim.