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  • Get unlimited access to exclusive content: all EPRA publications and information including monthly bulletins, policy recommendations, research documents and updates on EPRA activities.

  • Access EPRA-organised conferences and workshops at reduced rates.

  • Enjoy regular networking opportunities with other top-level EPRA members and partner organisations.

  • Participate to EPRA Working Committees and get the opportunity to steer/influence their debates/decisions.

  • Join forces and help promote and develop the European Real Estate sector, and have a voice in driving it forward.

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EPRA membership terms

Please read before continuing your membership application.

There are three categories of membership: Full, Associate and Academic. Only Full membership carries voting rights. Membership is corporate only, although the Management Board reserves the right to invite individuals to be associates or honorary members on special terms. Approval of any application for membership is at the sole discretion of the Management Board.

Qualification for Full membership

The following categories of organisation (A, B or C) may qualify for full membership:

A) Real estate companies meeting all three of the following conditions:

  1. The primary business of the company must be the ownership, trading, development, operation or financing of incomeproducing real estate, provided that:
    a) The primary business of the company is not the construction of homes for sale;
    b ) Companies whose primary activity is real estate brokerage, consultancy or management services will not be eligible for full membership; 

  2. The company must carry out the majority of its business in Europe.

  3. The company must be a closed-end joint stock corporation publicly listed on an official European stock exchange.

B) Institutional investors, including pension funds, insurance companies, life assurance companies, investment fund manager or other institutions.

C) Banks and stockbrokers activity involved in writing research on, underwriting equity offerings for, or making markets in the shares of European public real estate companies.

Qualification for Associate membership

Any organisation with an interest in the European public real estate sector may be eligible for associate membership, subject to the approval of the Management Board.

Qualification for Academic membership

Any academic institution involved with the real estate sector, subject to the approval of the Management Board.

Subscription Rates

There are three levels of annual subscription:

  • Full member rate EUR 10,000 p.a.
  • Associate member rate EUR 7,500 p.a.
  • Academic member rate EUR 1,000 p.a.

Subscriptions are annual and will be renewed on an anniversary basis. Holders of a FTSE EPRA/NAREIT index series licence receive an annual discount of EUR 2,500.

Payment Method

Once the Board has approved a membership, the applicant will be notified. An invoice will be sent for payment within 30 days. Payments should be by bank transfer and the necessary details will be shown on the invoice.


Membership of EPRA is liable to Belgium VAT. You can reclaim the VAT with the Belgian Tax Authorities.- Belgian VAT Reclaim (Dutch)


Should you wish to become a member of EPRA, please download and complete the EPRA Membership Application form. For more information on membership please contact: info@epra.com.

Cancellation Policy
Members wishing to cancel their subscription should do so in writing, at least four weeks prior to their membership renewal date. A full year’s membership contribution is applicable should a member not adhere to the terms of the cancellation policy.



How to become a member

Should you wish to become a member of EPRA, please review the pricing and membership category information on the left. For further information about EPRA, please get in contact.