Listed real estate delivers exposure to the underlying assets.

We are the leading benchmark for global listed real estate.

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  • 1 Monthly Statistical Bulletin: Published at the close-of-business at the month's end. Includes a 200-page range of stats on the developed listed RE markets: performance data on indices & constituents; sub-sector data; total markets data and global correlations.

  • 1 Monthly Market Review: An overview of all relevant news on the global markets and individual companies such as corporate activity, capital raising and real estate transactions.

  • 1 Monthly Index Chart Book: This includes over 200 graphs on widely used technical indicators on the index series, such as the historical development of risk/return profiles, volatility numbers and relative strength indices.

  • 1 Loan to Value: A monthly insight into corporate debt levels of listed real estate companies, including loan-to-value ratios, bond issues and maturities.

  • 1 Monthly Company Chart Book: This 500-page document presents a snapshot of the performance of all constituents comparing this with several other benchmarks, such as its regional peers, its sector peers and the broader equity and bond market where a company is based.

  • 1 Monthly Emerging Markets Report: A Report similar to the Statistical Bulletin, but focusing on the emerging markets around the world and aggregate data on the developed and emerging markets as a whole.

  • 1 Monthly Published NAV Bulletin: An examination of the NAV as published by the real estate companies that are included in the EPRA indices that includes historical discounts/ premiums-to-NAV, both on individual company level and index level.

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Research & Index activity

EPRA aims to deliver timely and quality research covering indices, trends and wider economic influences, providing a clear picture on the state of the sector guiding your investment decisions. Our unique position as partner in the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate Index underpins analysis and information.

Valuations snapshot  (end January 2017)




Total Return (%) -3.3 0.0
NAV discount premium (%)


Loan-to-Value (%) 38.1 42.1
Dividend yield (%)




Research funding


EPRA's Research Committee is seeking expressions of interest for the funding of a number of research papers - awards are focused on the following areas:

  • Performance
  • Market structure, sector organisation and regulation

Click here for more information or go to our Academic page. Contact if you have further questions.