Supporting growth, jobs and sustainability

property-investment.jpgReal estate, as a general term, describes the built environment, which plays a vital role in every  aspect of the European economy, society and  environment. Businesses and society can't function without the services of commercial property, including the provision of offices, shops, factories, housing and many other forms of real estate.

The commercial property sector delivers and manages the infrastructure needed for entrepreneurship to thrive. It is therefore a fundamental source of  employment and economic growth, and a major contributor in addressing two critical challenges of our time: providing liveable and functioning cities for a growing urban population and reducing the environmental footprint of the built environment.

Tax and socio-economic contributions in France

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Building business,
creating jobs - report

Buiding_business_creating_growth_report.JPGA British Land report on how much the company contributes to UK communities and the economy as a whole.

At a glance: GBP 2.1 billion development programme - Supports 32,000 jobs - Tenant activity contributes GBP 1.1 billion.

The Property Business

There is a greater understanding of the role real estate plays in the functioning of our modern society and economy. Clearly any tax or regulatory moves affecting this vital component should be considered with the fullest understanding of everyday operation of the property businesses themselves, and the tenants and surrounding communities which will be impacted.


Building a stronger Europe report

Real_estate_in_the_real_economy.JPGReal estate in the real economy

A study that shows the extent to which real estate contributes to the overall well-being of Europe's economy, society and business efficiency. At a glance, the sector contributed EUR 286 billion to the EU economy in 2011.

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Real_estate_construction_for_the_US_economy.JPGReal estate's contribution to US economyicon_pdf.png

NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association produced a 2011 report highlighting the role the RE and construction sectors play in the US economy. Direct & indirect sector impact of construction spending was 15% GDP.


The architecture of communityicon_pdf.png

What role does real estate have in the development of a community? Much rests on local infrastructure and incentives, yet the private ownership of property and the inter-relationship between workspace, recreation, residential and retail is often the glue which bonds a successful society and economy.