The value of global real estate comprises around 14% of the total value of financial assets. Naturally, investor weightings in the sector should be in this figure.
Source: McKinsey Global Institute, Bloomberg, EPRA

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EPRA is in a unique position to promote listed real estate as a transparent and sound investment class...

EPRA facilitates networking for pension funds, SWFs and investors who would not otherwise consider major listed exposure.

This outreach delivers fundamental and measurable benefit to our members – greater fund allocations to property.

What is your investment time horizon? ... What sectors do you want exposure to?

What management fees are acceptable? ... Income, development, or both - what is your exposure?

Which regions and countries? ... How do you rate management teams? ... What is your tax position?


The vehicle of choice

Exposure to European listed real estate offers many benefits for investors: stable income, long-term performance, diversification across regions, countries and sectors, liquidity, transparency, and professional management teams. All of these factors combine to make the vehicle of choice for many real estate investors.


Investor Outreach

EPRA promotes listed real estate as a transparent and sound investment class, facilitating information and networking events for pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other investor groups who would not otherwise consider significant exposure to listed real estate.


EPRA opens Hong Kong office to tap capital wave for listed European RE


EPRA has appointed an Asian Investor Outreach Manager, Yuri Zhou, to open an office in Hong Kong and promote the listed property sector to institutional investors who are increasingly seeking income yield and capital appreciation from bricks and mortar in Europe.

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