EPRA is in a unique position to promote listed real estate as a transparent and sound investment class...

EPRA facilitates networking for pension funds, SWFs and investors who would not otherwise consider major listed exposure.

This outreach delivers fundamental and measurable benefit to our members – greater fund allocations to property.

EPRA members are motivated and well served with opportunities to interact and share best practice.

EPRA manages seminars, closed-door focus groups, conferences and networking events - binding the thousands of existing industry relationships.

This dynamic community enables EPRA to collect the experience and expertise of 50 years of REITs to reinforce the success of the listed sector.


Investors & Events

Every year EPRA organises various event platforms around Europe which give investors direct access to information on the listed sector and access to the leading players within it.

These gatherings build on personal networks and support the sharing of experience and best practice. Some are for members only, several are held in private, and all provide an environment through which the sector, its organisation and its people can develop.


Sector-wide events

Below we list a non-exhaustive list of real estate-related events, forums and exhibitions scheduled for the coming  year. If you manage an event, please send through to use the details, and state any special EPRA member offer which we can share. Click on the event name for more information.


EPRA R&A Committee Summit & Workshop

Location:London, Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel
Start Date: Wed 5 April 2017 End Date:Wed 5 April 2017
Start Time: 9:00Finish Time: 17:00
Event Summary: The Reporting & Accounting Commitee Summit will take place in April this year, in London. Summit attendance: by invitation only. Workshop attendance: please RSVP to r.pantazica@epra.com/ randa@epra.com

EPRA sBPR Workshop Berlin

Start Date: Mon 24 April 2017 End Date:Mon 24 April 2017
Start Time: 13:30Finish Time: 16:30
Event Summary: 1st EPRA sBPR Workshop dedicated to the German market! Join us to connect with investors, find out how they value sustainability reporting in real estate and how sBPR help you achieve best-in-class performance. Meet your industry peers and share your view on sustainability and related opportunities in real estate. RSVP to r.pantazica@epra.com/ randa@epra.com


Industry calendar