Companies & members

listed.jpgOur company members represent EUR 365 billion worth of real estate assets. The operations and quality of these companies influence not only economic efficiency but the quality of people's lives.

The vast majority of EPRA's company members are either Real Estate Operating Companies (REOCs) or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) operating under local country legislation. They are real estate owners and developers listed on the stock exchanges in Europe. EPRA has a small number of non-listed members who hold an interest in how the listed market functions.

assetmanager.jpgEPRA's Investment Managers members are responsible for global and regional portfolios of listed real estate vehicles - promoting the asset class and the benefits of performance, transparency, management quality, financing and diversification to a broad range of global investors.

EPRA's banking members act as consultants to the industry at large, advising real estate companies on transactions, corporate structure and finance. In addition, the banking industry offers analysis, commentary and opinion, providing a comprehensive backdrop to the sector.


The consulting industry comprises the majority of EPRA's Associate membership. EPRA's consulting members provide a backbone to the companies operating in the sector in terms of legal advice, auditing and financial reporting, operational efficiency and effectiveness, and financial management and engineering.

In addition, EPRA's consulting members provide the expertise and knowledge fundamental in constructing and maintaining EPRA's industry guidelines in financial reporting and sustainability reporting. Their input, ensures EPRA's pan-European platform is strong, relevant and robust.

academics.jpgEPRA's academic network strengthens industry information, research and understanding of the listed real estate sector. To do this we bring together the world's leading universities

EPRA's research committee is comprised of a small and effective group of Europe's most respected academics who have built their reputations with well-regarded research.

In a bid to build a comprehensive catalogue of supporting research, the group acts as a quality control to the information we distribute to the EPRA membership and a broader audience. 

EPRA membership structure